DSA Interview with Google Engineer

DSA Interview Google Engineer

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Kunal Singhal


Google | SWE

Specialises in:
Former SWE Intern'22 @Intuit | Candidate Master at Codeforces | NSIT CSE '23

Questions asked in this interview

Shortest Path in a Grid with Obstacles

Graph Theory Hard

You are given an n x m integer matrix grid where each cell is either 0 (empty) or 1 (obstacle). You can move up, down, left, or right from and to an empty cell in one step. Return the minimum number of steps to walk from the upper left corner (0, 0) to the lower right corner (m - 1, n - 1) given that you can eliminate at most k obstacles. If it is not possible to find such walk return -1.

Report of the interview

Interview Score

7 / 10

Skill Score
Problem Solving Skills 70
Communication Skills 90
Debugging Skills 60
Approach Building 80
Requirement Analysis 70
Conceptual Understanding 70
Coding Skills 80
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